Tower Inspection

Comprehensive site inspections and audits can be customized for our customer’s particular needs. All inspection reports include a summary of items inspected and an inventory of the site as well as photos (either digital or hard copy) along with recommendations for repair items. STS offers tower re-lamping services in conjunction with the inspection. Tower climbs are conducted in compliance with OSHA standards for our industry. Items to be inspected can include:

  • General compound condition
  • Security of buildings or cabinets
  • Concrete foundation condition check
  • Guyed tower plumb and tension
  • Hardware and anchor check for guyed towers
  • Structural member inspection
  • Antenna and transmission line condition check
  • Antenna support structure check
  • Transmission line bridge inspection
  • FAA obstruction lighting system inspection
  • FAA paint color compliance
  • Antenna centerline verification
  • Antenna and azimuth verification
  • Coaxial sweep testing
tower inspection